A Hearty Welcome in Our Mosel Hotel

"Zum Anker"



Since the time of the Romans the Mosel River has been used as a means of transporting people and goods. Teams of strong horses would haul (Treidel-schleppen) the specially designed barges (Treidelschiffe) along the river to their destinations. The horse handlers where known as "Mosel-Halfen". During the passage between Trier and Koblenz, they would pass rows of small taverns.


One such tavern was the "Anker" which had a good reputation up and down the Mosel. It had been built upon the site where the Brasseburger Hofes (1455) once stood. Here the river craft would drop anchor as it was convenient due to the shallow nature of the river at this point. This was an age old tradition, the "Anker" being situated midway between Trier and Koblenz. This era came to an end after the canalization of the Mosel River in 1964. Thus the introduction of mechanically powered barges heralded in the end of the horse drawn barge. What has remained are the pathways the horses used. These are now used as picturesque riverside walk and cycle ways. 


The charming riverside taverns are also survivors of the canalization process, the "Anker" being one. We welcome all our guests to a family run enterprise of fine standing, offering good fare and lodging. 


 We look forward to your visit.


The Anker Team.